12 oz Jar of Whole CBD Coffee Beans


Coffee was brought to the New World by the British in the mid-17th century.  While coffee houses were popular, it wasn’t until the Boston Tea Party in 1773 that America’s coffee culture was forever changed.  The revolt against King George generated a mass conversion among the colonists from tea to coffee. 


Today, coffee is America's favorite beverage.  More than 60% of citizens consume it every day.  There are plenty of good reasons to drink coffee.  Increasing your longevity by lengthening your telomeres is just one of the many benefits.  But there are equally just as many reasons to avoid low quality, toxic coffee. 


Our coffee is brought to you by local company Coffee Jar of Wisconsin.  Their coffee is sourced from single origin, micro-lot farms.  Purchased from small scale distributors.  Check out our blog to learn why this is so important.  


CBD/CBDV distillate is added to a small serving of warm, organic sunflower oil.  Freshly roasted beans are then infused with the oil for 5 days, stirring regularly.  This process does not leave any oily or powdery residues, and ensures a deep and even infusion.  


Caffeine content will vary, depending on cup size, fineness of grounds, amount of grounds used, etc.  An 8 oz cup averages around 100mg, but can easily range between 70-150mg based on preparation.


750mg of CBD/CBDV isolate per 12oz jar.  CBD content per cup will depend on cup size and brew strength.  Use the embedded hyperlinks and learn how to brew your perfect batch and to calculate your specific dose per cup.


Enjoy an incredibly clear & calm focus.  With no jitters or crashes.  Just how a good cup of Joe is meant to be.


Our flavors:




This high-scoring cup comes to us from the 3000 member Kahuhia farmers’ co-operative society located on the South-Eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya. Varieties include Ruiru 11, Batian, and SL34 growing at 5-6 thousand feet.


Expect an unforgettably light cup that offers great body with tones of cocoa and hints of tangerine, lime and apricot.


To learn more about picking and preparing the perfect variety for you, visit the Coffee Jar's Coffee Guide


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Start your day out right!


We’ve blended two of our finest coffees together to bring you this bright, delightful cup. Smooth, mild and balanced, you’ll find our Breakfast Blend will give you the boost you need to begin your day and compliment your breakfast!



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CBD Kenyan Coffee

  • 100% organic and non-GMO, United States grown hemp.  


    Third party tested for molds, mildew, pesticides, solvents, and more.


    Winterized and Decarboxylated. 


    Created in Wisconsin.


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