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Our Mission

We envision a world similar to that of our founding fathers.  A world in which both the pharmaceutical and textile industries are fueled by an eco-friendly cannabis market.  By sharing lost and forgotten knowledge about the plant’s rich history, educating others about it’s benefits, and by providing the highest quality, full spectrum, and organic products, it is our hope and goal that you will join us in reviving cannabis' good name.


Our Staff

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Jacob Cull, Member & Nutritionist

An ex-collegiate athlete, Jake was introduced to the world of supplements early in his career.  "Ballin' on a (student's) budget" taught him how to make the most of his food to meet nutritional demands, and as supplementation (smoothies, energy balls, etc.)  After graduation, he used that knowledge, along with his Psycho-Biology degree to become a certified personal trainer and self taught herbalist & nutritionist.  Many gym members and clients would ask him questions about CBD.  Witnessing the amount of misleading and ineffective products on the market, he left his practice as a personal trainer to open The Cannidote.  He loves to cook, read, play basketball, watch documentaries, and spend time with his wife and family.  Reggae, hip-hop, and jazz are his favorite genres of music.  He is inspired by the likes of Joel Salatin, Will Allen, Peter Ragnar, Dizzy Wright, Bob Marley, Macka B, and Dr. Sebi to name a few. 

"Make most of the India hemp seed, and sow it everywhere."


                                                                                  -George Washignton 1794


The Team, "Ganjaseurs"

The Cannidote team consists of close-knit family members and friends.  All of whom, though born and raised in Wisconsin, have lived and traveled abroad; amassing more than 50 years total experience with the cannabis plant.  While Jake is the face of the storefront, he has a well trusted geneticist, "Dr. G" working in the lab and on the farm.  Every family has that one avid entrepreneur, or two...or in our case, six.  While funding this operation was a family affair, "B" made sure we financially took flight.  The store's manager, Tylan, maintains order, particularly when the family is tied up in business dealings.  Any of the staff you may encounter at our store is either family or a close loved one.  

"Herb, herb is a plant.  Herbs are good for everything.  Herb is the healing of the nation."

                                                                            -Bob Marley, New Zealand, 1979

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