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CBD Capsules for Arthritic Pain and Sleep

Joyce D


Before The Cannidote opened, I tried some other CBD products for my joint pain.  I purchased from a spa and ordered online.  At the spa, nobody could tell me anything about the products.  They didn't know if they were organic, or if it was made in the U.S.  They had no information aside from what was on the bottle.  There was one online company I ordered from and never received my product, and another that did absolutely nothing for me.  Going into The Cannidote and talking with the owner, Jake, is a very different experience.  He knows his products and he only buys organic.  His products work!  The most effective CBD supplement for me is The Cannidote brand soft gel.  The 25mg serving relieves my joint pain for 10-12 hours depending on the weather and my activity level.  One amazing side effect I didn't expect was that I get an amazing nights sleep.  I normally have hot flashes which wake me up.  Since I started using the soft gels, that hasn't been happening nearly as often.  I've actually had nights where I don't wake up at all!

Supplemental Information: More than half of the 1000+ arthritic participants polled in a 2019 study admitted to using cannabis to alleviate their symptoms. 2006 trials with European approved Sativex, introduced the scientific community to cannabis' potential to manage chronic pain with conditions such as neuropathic disorders, arthritis, and cancer.  Since that time, many publications have been authored, displaying CBD's anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.  Full spectrum products provide the most relief given their trace amounts of THC.  CBD and THC are shown to work together in reducing inflammation in the body.  Using CBD isolate would be like calling up the Batman in dire crisis, and telling him to leave Robin at home.  This is why The Cannidote only offers broad and full spectrum options.

CBD for Stress and Tension

Jennifer P

Health Administrator

I started Using CBD for two things.  I have anxiety, but also have an issue with tension; so sometimes I just need something to take the edge off, be it work, a stressful situation, etc.  I could honestly feel a difference the first time I used it.  I didn't feel high or that it was altering my mood, just that I was relaxed, and the shaky feeling I normally get had gone away.  The bonus part, and I don't know if this is possible, but it seems to be curbing my appetite.  My first time at The Cannidote I splurged and got the lip balm.  I LOVE that as well!  I also bought a candle that makes my whole bedroom smell so good.  I am now starting my dog on CBD chews, as she has arthritis in her hips and is just getting those pains of an aging lab.  The personal service I received from Ty was much appreciated.  He answered all of my questions professionally and was very informative.  For anyone looking for a QUALITY product, I would highly recommend The Cannidote.  Do not think by saving a few bucks buying a MLM brand will be as effective.  Go in and let them educate you on the benefits. 

Supplemental Information: Numerous studies have been conducted researching CBD's effects on anxiety.  A Brazilian team conducted one such study on participants suffering from generalized social anxiety.  After consuming CBD, patients reported a significant decrease in their feelings of angst.  Brain scans supported their claims, as they revealed blood flow patterns consistent with an anxiolytic effect.  Another publication tested CBD's efficacy in treating Social Anxiety Disorder, finding it comparable to diazepam (without the negative side effects).  Studies have even shown CBD's ability to help alleviate fear and fear responses, suggesting potential relief for PTSD.

CBD for Anxiety and Sleep

Kim L

Sales Representative

My daughter suffers from anxiety and with it also has difficulty sleeping.  Jake took the time to understand her issues and recommended Dragonfly Earth Medicine Myco Canna Caps which contain 40mg CBD. His knowledge of the products and taking the time to educate me, made me eager to have her try them.  Since she has started taking one capsule each night before bed, she has been falling asleep more easily and sleeping more sound.   It has been a godsend for her to finally get some proper, and much needed, rest.

Supplemental Information: Since the passing of state legislature in Colorado, California, Washington, and others, legalizing medicinal cannabis; veterans suffering from PTSD have been using medical marijuana for years in order to get a good night's sleep.  Others turn to it in dealing with sleep apnea, or insomnia.  Studies are sparse at the moment however, as researchers are trying to determine whether CBD, THC, (and other cannabinoids), or the terpenes (particularly myrcene), or the combination, are responsible.  A 2017 meta-analysis concluded that CBD and THC were the two compounds most commonly cited as sleep-inducing aids.  Herbalists for years have been using hops (contains myrcene), a cousin to cannabis), as a sleep aide.  Other quality herbal adjuncts include lavender (high in linalool),  chamomile, mugwort, and valerian.  Native Americans smoked blends of these plants and herbs, including catnip and many more to relax, sleep, and even dream.  That is why we stock these as well.

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