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Cannabis - A Worldwide Antidote

From thousands of industrial uses, to the treatment for hundreds of ailments, even spiritual enlightenment, the cannabis plant has been a go-to crop for millenia.  Sprouting in ancient Chinese legend and used for clothing, paper, and oil, as well as medicine, "ma" spread it's roots throughout all of Asia and Europe.  In India, the Hindu god Shiva is said to have brought "bhang" to the people for it's intoxicating effects.  The Vedic shamans of the time recognized it's medicinal value.  It spread to the Middle East, where Assyrians and Scythians enjoyed inhaling THC rich vapors; while the Persians and Arabs used it to treat gout, epilepsy and more.  Cannabis was even present in the "Holy Anointing Oil" used in early Judaic faith.  Both ancient Greece and Egypt used cannabis as an anti-inflammatory.  The Spanish brought cannabis to the New World where it was first used for clothing and rope, then for it's spiritual aspects.  Cannabis was among the first plants brought to Jamestown by early settlers.  George Washington, James Madison, and James Monroe were all farmers of hemp.  In 1798, Irish physician William O'Shaughnessy published On the Preparations of Indian Hemp or Gunjah, where he concluded it had no negative medical effects.  From 1850 to 1937, cannabis was used as a prime medicine for more than 100 illnesses in the United States.

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