Founding Fathers: Setting the Record Straight

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Founding Fathers. credit

As cannabis use is becoming more mainstream, and people are loosening the grip on their once taboo thoughts, so too are "journalists" and authors loosening their grips on investigative standards. In an age of clickbait, catchy headlines, and ghostwritting, science and media is driven more by views, numbers, and popularity, than they are driven by the Truth. From the national media channels like Fox and CNN, to the stay-at-home blogger, the internet is rife with half truths and disinformation. While sometimes a result of honest mistakes, oftentimes this disinformation is created or marketed to push an agenda. At The Cannidote, we believe that knowledge (KNOW-ledge), when applied is power. Apply that knowledge throughout life, and you gain wisdom (WISE-dom).

When it comes to our founding father's relationship with the cannabis plant, a great deal of speculation exists. Many of the "pro-pot" organizations, blogs, and websites, leap at the chance to associate any of these figure heads with smoking ganja. Numerous men who were instrumental in the creation of the United States were indeed familiar with the cannabis plant. They even farmed it. Our authors set out to separate the facts from the hyperbole, allowing the reader to come to a sound conclusion themselves.

Cannabis' Introduction to the Americas

As mentioned in our entry "Hemp's Ancient History: The One You Won't Get From a Text Book", we shed light on the common use of cannabis across Europe for thousands of years. Grecian historical texts prove its use even into B.C. times. When the Spanish conquistadors ventured to the New World in the 1500's, they brought with them cannabis. They proceeded to introduce its textile and medicinal uses to the natives that resided there. The English naval fleet that was responsible for defeating the Spanish Armada a few short decades later in 1588, was powered by hemp sails!