How-To Best Use CBD: Making the Most of Each Product

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

21st century technology has given birth to countless ways to consume plant based compounds. Where our ancestors were limited to primal smoking methods, alcohol and oil based tinctures, or making labor intensive topical balms and salves, modern humans have a plethora of options. Want to smoke something? You have plenty of pipes to choose from. Dry pipe, water pipe, glass pipe, wooden pipe? Marble or obsidian even! Is it single, double or triple blown? Does it change colors? Perhaps vaping is more your cup of tea. Devices range from pocket size to counter top units. There are vaporizers for dry herbs and ones for concentrates, even ones that do both. Balms and salves are much easier to make with modern day lab equipment and cookware. No food is safe from human experimentation. Cannabis cookies and brownies never seem to go out of style, and now things like cannabis infused cheese, burgers, beer, and sparkling water flood the market. With each of these unique delivery methods comes added confusion as to which is best. Our authors set out to answer some of your most commonly asked questions.

Delivery Methods:

Your individual delivery method should depend on two primary factors. The first, your condition and/or goal for using a CBD supplement; where you need the molecules to reach, and the second; the method you are most likely to use most regularly. Someone suffering from chronic pain and/or inflammation would, in many instances, be better suited using a different product than someone battling bouts of anxiety or depression. Not to say that the same product wouldn't benefit the both of them, but their conditions present themselves in very different ways, and thus a different delivery method for the two only makes sense. Additionally, if your purchase will likely end up in the back of a drawer, cupboard, or purse, sooner than later, that product obviously carried very little value to you.